Dating site segment is huge. But you should only pay attention to the popular ones: they have more users, which means that there is more choice. They work on a similar principle: the algorithm offers candidates who fit your needs and are close to you. You select people you like, but you can only start a conversation if they like you.

Many people prefer to get acquainted in social networks. However, the Dating sites there are significant differences.People here really want to get acquainted. In fact, this is why they registered on these sites.They are prone to rapid developments. That is, they are quite ready to give you their phone number, meet, communicate.

I am extremely surprised that there is still no such solution, thanks to which I will be able to get acquainted with a Bicycle enthusiast and go for a ride in the Moscow region every day. Or find someone who walks in the Park next to me and is also not averse to communication. It seems obvious to me that there should be an app where you can find people with similar interests, conceive with them, and maybe invite them somewhere. Of course, there are micro-services where you can invite people to an event or play sports. But this model is too complex and not scalable. There are services for online Dating, but online people have enough at work, where the monitor is already sick. There are social networks, but they are a big dump where there is a lot of everything and you can get lost. There is Tinder, but all similar services are not designed to search for people by interests.

You have an hour to find someone nice on the map and make an appointment with them. After 60 minutes, the conversation will be automatically destroyed. For men, the app is paid, which allows you to cut off people with frivolous intentions. The main advantage of the app is that everyone knows what you are here for, so you can do without tedious correspondence. Although some users in the sex Dating app may tire you out with conversations and then disappear. And your time will be wasted.

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A free Dating site is available to everyone. I thank you for meeting my husband here. Thanks!

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